tree teste

What if we could take trees for a walk?

Made with real twigs and hundreds of paper leaves, they can go everywhere.

Elegant but sassy, Persona is the firstborn in the collection. Her arms are gracefully spread and her hips swing softly wherever she goes.

Here, there and everywhere. Always happy, she is a globetrotter. She was born listening to Pharrell.

Born from a magnolia twig, Maggie looks aged but is hanging in there just like her carpels.

Meaning “The Life” in Hawaiian language, Keola, is always eager to do what its name says.

It’s all about love. Made for the artist’s son when he moved to California, it’s the boldest of them with 3100 hand cut leaves.

Ginger was born in Ireland amidst the first morning frost of a glorius Autumn. Red headed and strong minded, her leaves shall never fall…

Her name says it all. Blossom. Gathered flowerets of round shaped leaves and tiny white spots. She is a perennial in full bloom.